This year, I have decided not to write any new Dreamer Blogs—at least at this time—because I tend to become repetitive.  I’m not saying that repetition isn’t helpful to instill insight and reinforce good habits! Rather, that enough may be enough in this case—since  the hundreds  of blogs providing encouragement, motivation, and ideas presented since June 2, 2009 are made available to review right HERE, thanks to technology!

You can review nearly a thousand blogs I have posted in the last several years to inspire and motivate you to follow your dream to become a Workamper and see America while living the RV lifestyle.

To see previous posts, you can place your pointer over the Dreamer Calendar on the page in the right-hand column and click on any date, even going back in time to previous months or years.

You can click on “Prevous post” or “Next post” as you scroll down the page on your computer, or go back to the Calendar to see more posts.

Some of the posts are a series of posts, but that is easy to ascertain.  If you have been a Dreamer or a Workamper for awhile, it may do you good to review past posts to see if you have gotten “stuck” at some point or to remind yourself of solutions.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to guide you on your journey.  Be sure to explore the Dreamer website and keep your dreams alive!  I will be guiding you through other means as Workamper News continues to grow and develop our organization.

Your Dream Engineer,

Steve Anderson

There are just two more days to finish out the year.  Instead of focusing on Resolutions for next year, perhaps we should think of what we can accomplish in the last two days of 2011!

The following quotation is from Grenville Kleiser, who lived from 1868-1953.  He was an American writer best known for his writings on humor, inspiration and positive thinking.

There are fine things which you mean to do some day, under what you think will be more favorable circumstances.   But the only time that is surely yours is the present, hence this is the time to speak the word of appreciation and sympathy, to do the generous deed, to forgive the fault of a thoughtless friend, to sacrifice self a little more for others. Today is the day in which to express your noblest qualities of mind and heart, to do at least one worthy thing which you have long postponed, and to use your God-given abilities for the enrichment of someone less fortunate. Today you can make your life – significant and worthwhile. The present is yours to do with as you will.

Happy New Year!

Steve Anderson

President of Workamper News

Dear Dreamers,

Ah, the Holidays!  As hectic a time as this is, I thought I would simply share what attendees at the October Rendezvous had to say about their motivations to become Workampers.   See how like-minded you are with your motivations to enjoy America, one job at a time!


1. Support my traveling habit;

2. Different experiences; save money while traveling

3. Keep busy;

4. Love outdoors;

5. Stay in touch with grandchildren all across the country

6. Retirement option

7. Get out of the rate race

8. Meet new people

9. Learn new skills

10. Stay long enough in an area to really learn about it

11. Visit friends and family

12. Live “for a time” (not visit) in other parts of the country

13. See God’s beautiful creations

14. My husband!  X2 (but now love it!)

15. Need a little money while travel

16. Support lifestyle

17. Downsize; see the country

18. Camping lifestyle;

19. Wanderlust!

20. Lifeboat to weather any economic condition [Darren]

21. Offer my kids an amazing childhood

22. Change.

23. See country on limited budget.

24. My wife.

25. Retired Navy and I missed traveling.

26. I am a semi-minimalist and house is too darn much!

27. Fun.

Dreamers, I am sure you share many of these motivations and have some of your own.  Keep envisioning reaching your goals, like visions of sugarplums!

Have a blessed Holiday season and stay motivated!

Ho, Ho, Ho

Steve Anderson

Dear Dreamers,

Those of you that are single, often believe that you are disadvantaged when it comes to achieving a goal such as Workamping.  I won’t lie to you.  As a single, you will probably have to work more hours in exchange for your site.  BUT, there are actually advantages to being a solo Workamper.

If you do have a partner/spouse,  keep reading and see if you agree!

As I have been saying in past blogs, it takes intensity and focus to accomplish your dreams.  But what if you and your partner are not focusing at the same level of intensity?  It takes a mature person to maintain focus.  [Don’t we have to teach that to our children? And teenagers are even worse!]

At the Rendezvous, each time, there were a few couples who admitted to attending  just because it was something their spouse wanted. It was really admirable of them to at least be open-minded enough to attend!

Now think about this:  If you are single, it is often easier to achieve intensity than a married couple!  You can spend as much time, as much money, as much energy as you want in order to achieve your goal sooner, if you are single.  No one else has to be “on board” which gives you the advantage over couples!

It is actually the couple that has to become more “single-minded!”

If a couple can be single-minded in their efforts to achieve a goal; if each individual is excited about the Workamping lifestyle (or whatever the mutual goal is), and applies passion and intensity, then together they will achieve their goals sooner because their efforts will be doubled!

However, sadly,  many couples are actually divided in their intentions and intensity.  One might have that  race-car-driver mentality while the other has the slow boat to China attitude?  Aaaaaaagh! It’s enough to drive one crazy!

As great as it is to balance a marriage, when the object is to make a life-changing decision such as Workamping, it can be seemingly impossible.

Do you get the picture now?

I can say, however, there were several open-minded husbands or wives (or partners) that came to the Rendezvous reluctantly, but left together on the same page with a new and improved single-minded intensity! It was a beautiful thing to see!

As for those solos out there; don’t be discouraged because you are all “alone.” Other workampers are glad to help you and Workamper News will give you the tools to get it done.  The intensity in which you achieve your goals is up to you to not let anything get in the way–so stay motivated!

If you have any doubts about any of this, be sure to attend the next Workamper Rendezvous April 17-19, 2012 or October 23-25th.  Your motivation will intensify on so many levels, whether you are single or a couple!

See you down the road,

Steve Anderson

Your Dream Engineer

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Dear Dreamers,

Thomas Edison had a lot to say about success. When he was asked what the first requirement was, he replied:

“the ability to apply your physical and mental energies to one problem incessantly without growing weary. “

Thomas Edison was an unusual man, and there are few that can apply themselves so intently with purpose and the same mental energy he had.

In his book, More Than Enough, Dave Ramsey uses light as an example.

“Light dispersed simply lights the room, but when finely focused, light forms a laser that will cut steel.  Focus has the power to create permanent change where nothing else will or can.”

Now that’s a powerful mind picture we can grasp!  It can be so difficult to remain focused on our goal because of so many distractions.  Our energies are dispersed until we lose the focus we need to achieve our goals!

Make a list of the primary goals you have in different areas of your life.  Not the tasks, but the goals!

For example, if your primary goal is to begin the Workamper lifestyle in the next year or so, then here are some of the goals you should be focusing on:

Financial Goal:

1.        Get out of debt;

2.       Save for an emergency fund;

Practical Goal:

1.       Determine your Domicile and solidify it;

2.       What will you live in? Have you chosen your RV, or if you already own one, is it in good, working order to suit your new lifestyle?

Career Goal:

1.        Decide on your employment objection;

2.       Activate your Workamper membership

Personal Goal:

1.        Talk to family, friends, other Workampers

2.       Get your “affairs”  (legal/health) in order

The  above is just an illustration of how to categorize your sub-goals under your main goal.  Make sure everything is focused on your intent (your main goal — in the case above –to workamp!

Work on attaining a goal in each area of life, one at a time.  Don’t try to work on all of them at once!  You will achieve the desired results when you find that inner passion or fire in your belly!

Steve Anderson here,

Your Dream Engineer

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Are the above emotions we have lost?  Where has all the passion gone? (No, I’m not talking about THAT passion).   Are we numb to the idea of a fire in our belly, so that we only think of those words as something we need to pop a pill for?

In Dave Ramsey’s book, More Than Enough, he asks: “Why do we not get fired up anymore about anything except sports?  Have we become so “civilized that we don’t care enough to feel intensity about anything?  People seem to be walking around with vacancy signs in their eyes:  ‘Nobody’s home.”  Hey with some folks it looks like there isn’t even anyone coming up the driveway.”

If you want to reach a goal, overcome stumbling blocks, stand up for a cause, or prosper, then you need to find your intensity.  Dig down deep and examine what you are passionate about! Without that fire, that passion, you will not have the strength to succeed.

Your goals flow from your vision and what you value in life.  No one is immune to challenges. “The key to life is accepting challenges.  . . . If you don’t like where you are, you have to change what you have been doing.”

Quit doing the same thing over and over again without success!

Here’s an assignment:   write on a piece of paper that you can easily read:

“If I don’t like where I am, then change what I am doing.”

Then, every morning, read that statement to determine if you are still on the right path.   Don’t keep going down the wrong path!  Follow the lead of successful people and go down that road less traveled!!

Put all your energy, passion, abilities into daily living and arrive sooner at your ultimate goal!

Until next time,

Steve Anderson, your Dream Engineer

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Happy Thanksgiving, Dreamers!

Take this day, and every day,  to give thanks for…

  • family
  • friends
  • life
  • health
  • pets
  • food & clothing
  • co-workers & employers
  • jobs
  • U.S. soldiers
  • democracy
  • peace
  • nature
  • grace & mercy
  • forgiveness
  • memories
  • a new day

The staff and family of Workamper News wishes all of you a joyful Thanksgiving!

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Have you ever been on a path or course of action and started to wonder what you were doing?  At times, it helps to “step back” from something to attain a new perspective.  It seems hard to believe, but we can be giving our all to attain a goal and then lose sight of why we made the decision to embark on a path in the first place.  Putting distance between ourselves and a course of action can remind us of the “whys.”

We must be able to see our goal or envision our end result, no matter how far away we are from attaining it. We don’t want to be buried in our tasks and never get ahead. Some people are task-oriented and are good at focusing on the task at hand but end up slowing down.  Think about this:  If something is held two inches from our eyes, it all becomes a blur.  Try this:  hold an unfamiliar photograph (or a page from a magazine) no more than two inches away from your eyes and you won’t have a clue what you are looking at.  Then, hold it two feet away and the picture is clear.

By focusing on the end result, we don’t get discouraged with our tasks at hand; we stay motivated!

One area of life we often lose our way with or get discouraged is with our finances.  We pay a bill here, another there, finance a car, buy insurance, and put aside money for vacation, kids’ college, emergencies and retirement.  Day to day managing of finances is important, but it is easy to get discouraged if we seem to barely make it from paycheck to paycheck.  We need to focus on the big picture.  The money we have set aside for the future due to great decision-making will cause us to enjoy life more and protect us so that we will have a decent future.  Balancing our finances for today’s needs as well as tomorrow is an important decision.  The rising cost of living and unexpected life events will cause uneasiness unless we’ve planned for it.

The same holds true for anything we are working towards. Despite tasks we may or may not enjoy, obstacles, disappointments in things we can’t change, and circumstances we are powerless to control, when we focus on the positive results we will achieve if we keep at it, we will stay motivated and realize our goal.

Keep the prize ahead of you where you can see it!

Until  next time…

Steve Anderson,  Dream Engineer

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Last week, I told you how important it is to surround yourselves with Eagles—people who have a positive outlook on life and continue to soar.

To maximize your happiness with life, your work, your dreams, your wealth, PEOPLE are a key element.  When you fall into those valleys, it’s those you love, whether family or friends, that lift you up.  Therefore, strong, connected relationships are extremely valuable to you.  Sadly, close friendships are becoming more rare.  We let fewer and fewer people into our inner circle. Perhaps it is because we don’t feel like we have the time to be involved in others’ lives ourselves. Friendship is an investment. You can’t make a friend without being a friend.

In Dave Ramsey’s book, “More Than Enough,” he says: “A workaholic gerbil in a wheel invented the phrase “quality time.”  Quantity time is what is needed to develop strong fruitful relationships.  We are failing miserably in this culture by not slowing down enough to enjoy each other.”  He goes on to ask “Why do you think there is an absence of sidewalks in this country? “  We have stopped visiting our neighbors.

I have never thought about it this way before, but Workampers have the ability to build their own sidewalks.  Living in an RV lends itself to the old “front porch society.”  Usually, much time is spent outdoors.  The majority of RVers that are Workamping, live within shouting distance beside other RVers. They get together around the campfire or their “front porch;” they play cards or other board games or watch football games.  They share food, good books, and experiences.  They look out for each other.  Together, difficulties and challenges are shared along with jokes and  kidding.

If you dream of Rving and think it will be like a second honeymoon, just the two of you parked beside a stream, then you are not the typical Workamper.  Only in RV ads is one camper parked beside the Grand Canyon!

Enjoying other people is almost a requisite, although there are some positions that are more remote.  Workampers often form priceless friendships with folks from many states and even nations.

The beauty of Workamping is that there is often both quantity and quality time for friendships.  If you haven’t felt connected in a long time, well you better get ready.

Your friend and Director of Possibilities,

Steve Anderson

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Last week’s blog spoke to one area of life that serves to maximize our happiness in life: people.  To reiterate, I noted that strong and connected relationships in our lives is paramount to peace.  Both quality and quantity time with friends and family is a valuable investment for every one of us. When life gives us lemons, it’s our friends that make the lemonade. When everything seems to go wrong, our family gets us through it. Not only that, but if you really want to put on a smile, take the time to reminisce with friends or family about stories from your past.

This week, let’s ponder what exactly has stolen our time and happiness and whether Workamping is an answer to get it back!

For one thing, we are continually marketed through tv, the internet, and other advertisements that have made us think “more stuff” will make us happy.  More stuff, often leads to the “need” of more income.  When we  buy more than we can really afford, we accrue more debt.   More debt leads to the need to work more hours to pay our bills.  Do people work second jobs to meet their basic needs or just to try to keep up with the Joneses?  Median home sizes in our country have grown way out of proportion and affordability which has lead to a gross amount of foreclosures.  The very things we thought  we are deserving of or entitled to–the stuff we thought would make us happy– has stolen that which brings us true happiness:  relationships with our family, friends, and co-workers.

“Entertainment” (tv/video games/Facebook ) has caused us to ignore the needs of others, time with family playing games, tossing a ball, or sharing our day over a cup of coffee. How often are we aware of our sick neighbors that need a meal or a hand?

Just how many channels do we need on our tv anyway or features on our phone?

Don’t be afraid to turn off your tv at times!  Is Facebook or the internet robbing you of real face-time?  What is with the thinking that you must upgrade your smart-phone or other digital equipment every time a new version comes out?

STUFF does not equal happiness yet many of us place our hope in it. Stuff is definitely overrated! Financially, we become broke if we always have to have the best or “next generation.”   Why not be more concerned about the generation at hand (your friends and family) or the next generation:  your grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or other children that could use your help!

I don’t know the ratio of Dreamers to Workampers that read this blog but I can surmise this:  Workampers spend more time making friends and getting outdoors and fulfilling a purpose in life than those that are just Dreamers. They play more games, visit with friends and family and just have a cup of coffee with a coworker.  If someone is hurting, they actually hear about it, not read it on Facebook.  Workampers have real relationships.

What else do Workampers have? They generally have less stuff out of both necessity and choice.  They have less things to worry about that robs them of precious time and money.

Dreamers, “stuff” isn’t evil in and of itself, but you have to not let it strangle you.

One of the things you need to be doing if you want to fulfill your dream of seeing America, one job at a time, is to realize what is important in your life and what isn’t.  Purge the thought that stuff will make you happy.

Best of luck!

Steve Anderson, Your Dream Engineer

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