Are you “Single-Minded?”

Dear Dreamers,

Those of you that are single, often believe that you are disadvantaged when it comes to achieving a goal such as Workamping.  I won’t lie to you.  As a single, you will probably have to work more hours in exchange for your site.  BUT, there are actually advantages to being a solo Workamper.

If you do have a partner/spouse,  keep reading and see if you agree!

As I have been saying in past blogs, it takes intensity and focus to accomplish your dreams.  But what if you and your partner are not focusing at the same level of intensity?  It takes a mature person to maintain focus.  [Don’t we have to teach that to our children? And teenagers are even worse!]

At the Rendezvous, each time, there were a few couples who admitted to attending  just because it was something their spouse wanted. It was really admirable of them to at least be open-minded enough to attend!

Now think about this:  If you are single, it is often easier to achieve intensity than a married couple!  You can spend as much time, as much money, as much energy as you want in order to achieve your goal sooner, if you are single.  No one else has to be “on board” which gives you the advantage over couples!

It is actually the couple that has to become more “single-minded!”

If a couple can be single-minded in their efforts to achieve a goal; if each individual is excited about the Workamping lifestyle (or whatever the mutual goal is), and applies passion and intensity, then together they will achieve their goals sooner because their efforts will be doubled!

However, sadly,  many couples are actually divided in their intentions and intensity.  One might have that  race-car-driver mentality while the other has the slow boat to China attitude?  Aaaaaaagh! It’s enough to drive one crazy!

As great as it is to balance a marriage, when the object is to make a life-changing decision such as Workamping, it can be seemingly impossible.

Do you get the picture now?

I can say, however, there were several open-minded husbands or wives (or partners) that came to the Rendezvous reluctantly, but left together on the same page with a new and improved single-minded intensity! It was a beautiful thing to see!

As for those solos out there; don’t be discouraged because you are all “alone.” Other workampers are glad to help you and Workamper News will give you the tools to get it done.  The intensity in which you achieve your goals is up to you to not let anything get in the way–so stay motivated!

If you have any doubts about any of this, be sure to attend the next Workamper Rendezvous April 17-19, 2012 or October 23-25th.  Your motivation will intensify on so many levels, whether you are single or a couple!

See you down the road,

Steve Anderson

Your Dream Engineer

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